This is an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Zach Bush…

The food system profits off of cheap processed materials that come from taxpayer subsidies. These ingredients are sprayed with toxic pesticides that harm our microbiome. They cause much of the disease we suffer from today, yet they are cheaper than carrots and broccoli.

Twinkies have 14 ingredients that are subsidized by taxpayers. Carrots have none.

This industry feeds the medical business which wastes trillions of dollars chasing symptoms that come from poor lifestyle decisions.

According to Dr Helen Messier, “…the best disease from a business perspective is a chronic disease, because a person has it all their life and if you manage the chronic disease, but not reverse it, not address the root cause, you’re going to have a patient for the rest of their life and they’re going to be using drugs to control their symptoms for the rest of their life, so from a business model, that’s the ideal model, a person with a disease that’s going to last a long time. The disease isn’t going to kill them, they’re going to live for many years, and you have to manage it. They’re always going to come back to see you and it is a great business model, it’s not great for obviously the person, the patient, to have to live with that and your own conscience to live with that. As a doctor, I think that we never went into medicine to just manage disease. We went into medicine to actually heal people and reverse that disease.”

What we’re finding is that the body is extraordinarily complex. What we used to think of as basic systems and the way things basically worked, the better our tools are to be able to monitor, read, understand … The more we’re realizing the body is a very complex ecosystem.

We’re a collection of a hundred billion cells, but we’ve got more bacterial, viral, fungal cells in our body than we do human cells. Those cells represent computer code to Dr Peter Diamandis. He thinks of the body as code and hardware. A lot of the code is your 3.2 billion nucleotides that are your DNA, that run who you are or how you are.

When you compare the diets of Europeans and tribal africans, the foods and bacteria were completely different. African culture didn’t have any of those autoimmune diseases we suffer from here.

We now realize that pancreatic cancer actually comes from the gut microbiome, actually coming from leaky gut moving into pancreas, shutting down the immune system, and there was a research that was published specifically about how pancreatic cancer is caused by the gut microbiome. Again- always look for the root cause and not just what’s presenting.

The Mayo Clinic published their research on the breast cancer being caused by the microbiome, and we just had a research recently on liver cancer being caused by gut microbiome, and you start to think about all of these chronic diseases.

According to Naveen Jain, there are signs is clearly showing where the things are coming from, and every drug company’s resisting, because they cannot make money from this. This has to stop.

What’s been missing has been right under our noses.

“To find out that the microbial life can intelligently figure out the difference between a cancerous cell and a human cell and induce the opposite response with their mitochondria, you start to realize we’re barely human. To be human and alive means you have 20, 30, 40,000 species of bacteria, five million species of fungi, 300,000 species of parasites speaking to the mitochondria within your cells to coordinate constant repair.

Constant transformation, regeneration, repair, making stronger, not weaker. So the extraordinary message to the future of science and medicine is if we keep killing the smallest things among us we will die. If we start to support the fundamentals of life and we start to take care of the mitochondria and take care of the microbiome they will, in concert, build the most resilient healing machines ever on the planet.”

– Dr Zach Bush –